a pair of idiots

Xi think R is singing “we should be lovers” from moulin rouge (via youwerejustakid)

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Les amis hanging out on campus :D
mood song “elle me dit”- MIKA

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From the Columbia disorientation guide (x)

With the Emma Sulkowicz story going viral, everybody knows about the Columbia administration’s inaction in the face of sexual assault. What not everybody knows is that my school strictly enforces that students must take a swim test in order to graduate. This is a collage/poem about the backwards priorities of our Ivy League institution. 



Seriously, if this scene doesn’t make you want to watch the show, I don’t even know what to tell you. ——-> House Meeting <——-



Goats paint. Well, actually, they put their hooves in paint and walk over canvas. Then, according to Dr. Lindsey Petras, their veterinarian and their artist, they try to eat the paint. And smear it everywhere.

Flanders and Clarine, the Hand in Paw therapy goats, have a painting for auction at this weekend’s Picasso Pets, the biggest fundraiser of the year for Hand in Paw Animal-Assisted Therapy

Vincent van goat!!!!

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Favorite Character MemeSix Traits [4-6/6]


the best moment in tv history


you know what i love as much as my otp

other people who ship my otp

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Okay so you know 24 hours later I’m getting around to replying to this but YES WOW EMOTIONS I HAVE SO MANY OF THEM. I adore the characterization of Peggy here because it drives me crazy when people just stick her in the background and completely ignore how important she is as a character and to Steve! The first time I read it was all in one sitting and woah I was emotionally exhausted afterwards. There are just so many pieces of that fic that really hit home for me and have stuck with me for a long time now. It’s just so wonderful and I love the world that they built up and how it is so based in reality and heartwrenchingly plausible. I’m so incredibly excited for a sequel/prequel/other installment/ or something. Also I was checking out your art blog and I love the comic you did for ALW and also your Les Mis fanart is a++ . Funny story I actually was just recced (and started reading) Gnomon thanks to one of my friends last night, so yeah, glad to know that when I’m overwhelmed with emotion because of that fic I know exactly who to come to.

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