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Our love is a love that never dies,
Our love is the prettiest tie that ties,
Our love is a dinosaur that tries and tries,
and tries and tries and tries and tries.
-Joey Comeau                                                                                                                                                        20 / costume design major / feminist / protagonist

genderbent hamlet one may smile, and smile, and be a villain…

  • michelle dockery as hamlet, the conflicted and doomed heroine
  • ruth negga as horatio, hamlet’s loyal friend & companion
  • ben whishaw as ophelia, who loves hamlet but is driven to suicide
  • tilda swinton as claudius, the usurper of the crown 
  • hayley atwell as laertes, ophelia’s vengeful sister
  • colin firth as gertrude, hamlet’s father who is now married to claudius
  • olivia colman as polonius, ophelia & laertes’ foolish mother
  • cate blanchett as the ghost of queen hamlet, who hamlet must avenge

(based off discussions and comments made over the months at dailyshakespeare.
a bit of flexibility needed with characters’ ages vs. actors’ actual ages.)

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because the internet….

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Awesome summer things include going to folk festivals, dancing like mad, and catching the sunglasses of the lead singer of your new favourite band.


SAGA Fancast:
Godfrey Gao as MarkoNaya Rivera as AlanaJesse Williams as The WillSamira Wiley as Gwendolyn


SAGA Fancast:

Godfrey Gao as Marko
Naya Rivera as Alana
Jesse Williams as The Will
Samira Wiley as Gwendolyn

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psst Achilles and Patroclus were doing it. Pass it on.

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orphan black meme | 1/6 characters: alison hendrix

"I tried to say ‘F it’ today, and I blew up my whole life. I just wanted to say, ‘F this. F you.’ And I F’ed it. I F’ed it all up."

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